I was talking to a few girlfriends over the weekend about masturbation and they all mentioned how important it is in their sex lives. I’m not a prude but I was a bit shocked! I’ve always been under the impression that the more you masturbate the more desensitized your body is to the touch of your partner. Well, I was corrected this weekend! It’s was great to hear my friends share their experiences and debunk a sometimes taboo subject.
So let me ask you, do you masturbate more when you’re in a relationship or less? Do you and your partner masturbate together or separately?
Lastly, do you use sex toys or your own hands?

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does anyone mistakenly text the person that they like or is that just me??

Dating someone who doesn’t love and appreciate ‘The Lord of the Rings” or the “Hobbit” trilogy is truly being unequally yolked. #whenwhiteturnstogrey #bilal

dating should be fun!


I love dating, I’m actually a pro at it. I love getting to know my partner, his favourite movies, musicians, and his most embarrassing moments from high school. I used to think that the best dates meant spending lots of money or going out for 4 course dinners. With maturity I’m realizing that though fancy dinners and gorgeous bouquets are awesome, meeting for coffee in a intimate spot is much more my speed. I love sitting in a nook with a cutie, sharing a dessert, and having a intense conversation. So much can be revealed when people are comfy and relaxed.
Most dates don’t go well because of the immense pressure that we put on one another. It’s hard to have fun on a date if your inner dialogue of do I look good, am I sucking in my stomach, does he think I’m cute, is there food between my teeth has you all in your head.

Relax, put on your favourite jeans and sweater and a bit of lipgloss and focus less on the aesthetics and more on the person you’re spending time with. Touch his arm, laugh at his corny jokes, play a adult version of MASH, or challenge him to a game of chess. Just enjoy the moment and don’t stress yourself out of a great memory.

Random Question: Are you a Pumpkin Spice Latte fan? If not, what’s your favourite hot beverage?


Do not bring people into your life who weigh you down


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