My name is Miss. Reluctant and I’m a commitphobe and sabotager of perfectly healthy relationships. This blog will chronicle my dating ups and downs and serve as a sounding board for me to unleash my neurotic, over analyzing and ultimately damaging self-talk on why I shouldnt settle down with the handsome man in my life whom we shall call Mr. Reliable. He loves me unconditionally despite my many flaws. I’ll be honest, brash and vulnerable and hopefully someone can learn from my experiences and mistakes. So buckle in, get some snacks and join me on this rocky road I call “I don’t want to cook and clean for this man for the rest of my life” aka LOVE!


Mr. Reliable isn’t talking to me because a) I keep switching the date of my soon coming trip which may not happen b) I’m all over the place concerning my feelings c) I’m still asking why I’m even going which to him is terribly offensive

phew that’s outta the way! I’ll give you more details on my relationship in my next post. Ummm, Happy Independence day clearly it’s my favorite holiday and not because of the brats and burgers if you catch my drift. Oh yes, *I’m all over the place today* Mr. Reliable hasn’t spoken to me in 5 days because he needs to “clear his head” and deal with the verbal assault I dished him this week. He’s also at a wedding this week which may work in my favor or NOT!

Okey doke TALK SOON!