Still haven’t called I feel like I’m in a Mexican standoff. Have you ever wanted to call someone badly to say I’m sorry but your pride and ego gets in your way? Love os such a weird emotion it can make you feel amazingly wonderful or physically sock to your stomach who h os how I feel right now. I guess I can understand his anger over my flip flopping but I’m allowed to ask questions and have concerned. Well this is day 5 and I miss him terribly but I’ll wait it out till he calls. I’m supposed to see him in a week and a bit so hopefully the trip isn’t off. Another case of me flapping my gums and not allowing him to take the lead. He said something that I keep repeating in my head “you’re incapable of leading us” OUCH!! I think I can lead us if given the chance…..I think lol smh
Goodnight to all the lovers and crazies of the world!