Had a lovely dinner at Cheesecake Factory followed by light kissing in the car. As fun as this is I can’t help but wondering what we are? Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Intellectual lovers? Kissing friends? I feel myself wanting to ask loaded questions but I’m suppressing myself and trying not to sabotage what is quickly becoming a awesome weekend. I will instead continue watching True Blood and gaze upon him longingly dreading the fact that I have to leave this dreamlike trance and re-enter the brutal world of responsibilities.

So, when does it become official? When he asks? After you’ve slept together? After dating for 3mths? I know the rules change after a certain age, no longer is one given a note with boxes to check but how I wish we could revisit those days. Wouldn’t it make life easier if the guy/girl you like would just ask you to be his one true love?!?!
Ahh well the wait continues 😉
Off to snuggle and drop hints