As time dwindles away it will soon be time to say goodbye to Mr. Reliable and re-enter my world that’s devoid of his hazel eyes and quirky behaviour. For the first time in a long time I feel at ease with the decisions I’ve made and I can admit that coming was what my heart needed. I still have a thousand questions, where will we live, how many children and shared holidays with in-laws but for now I will bask in the afterglow of this reunion of two heart #barf

It’s been awesome not only because it’s him but because it was NORMAL. My stomach didn’t skip a beat, I didn’t feel naseous nor did I feel like crying or running away. I always thought that drama, fussing and slamming doors were ways that people proved they loved you. You had to “fight” for the one you love and if you aren’t fighting then your relationship is devoid of passion. Boy was I wrong! I like peace, quiet, smiles, hugs and lots of laughter. Maybe I’m too old or I’ve matured past the point of wanting that tension in my relationship. I just want to cuddle, eat popcorn and watch True Blood which was pretty amazeballs last night if I might add. No longer is playing mind games, timing when to return a text or silent treatments acceptable anymore and I deserve so much better than tha and so does my partnert. It’s funny and quite embarrassing to think about how many games I’ve played with Mr. Reliable, unecessary breakups, screaming matches for no reason at all. Yet, with some I’ve been overly understanding or turned a blindeye to bad behaviour.  He’s proven to me how wonderful and loving he is  and it’s my turn to show him that love and respect and so much more. #gulp

I’m sad to go but I feel great because I know I will see him again…soon. I hope he will miss me as much as I miss him and I feel blessed that we were able to spend a few days in our love cocoon.


Things I Learned on this Trip

I really want this relationship

Guys like their laundry folded

Holding hands is necessary whilst wearing heels in NYC

A cab drive with your honey is SO what dreams are made of

There will be NO shopping on the first visit

You don’t need to eat as much as him-this isn’t a compettion

A kiss on the top of the head can heal wounds and wars

I’ve missed US

So am I still RELUCTANT? Hell yeah! I still have some Mummy issues, resposibility and “Please don’t drag me to maturity” issues but I’m happy that if I have to be dragged it’s by Mr. Reliable.


Is your partner ready to get married but you’re not too sure?

Check back tomorrow as I’ll be discuss CHEATING and BOUNDARIES