Angelina and Brad, not married with 6 beautiful kids. Hmmm is this the new trend? Historically, it’s custom for two people to marry and have kids. These two have shirked tradition and have decided to enjoy a nomadic lifestyle and as an outsider it looks pretty darn tempting. They’ve both been married and they now look comfortable for the first time in their own skins with their partners. Brad is the most surprising to me because he married the “girl next door” and seemed happy and traded it all in for the rainbow coalition and Angie who doesn’t seem threatened at all by the openness of their relationship. I’ve always believed that holding so tight can crush your relationship.
Do you believe that the “paperwork” of marriage robs the passion from a couple? Do you want your mate to have freewill to leave if they choose? It’s worked for years for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Maybe branding someone as yours is the Kryptonite of a happy relationship and the older I get I see the values of companionship vs. contracts.
How would you classify your relationship? (married, civil union, open) Are you satisfied or would you like to make a change?