*Houston we have a problem*

Of late I’ve been ducking emotional and verbal landmines like a cast member of the Hurt Locker. Nothing comes out the way I want it to and I find myself apologizing after every sentence. I blame myself and my refusal to stop speaking in parables but also bbm and the myriad of different communication devices like FB chat, LiveProfile etc. Gone are the days where couples sit down to hash out their issues. You don’t even have to see your mate to participate in a healthy relationship anymore. If you miss your lovers face you can send a pic. Miss his voice or want to vent? Send a voice note! You’d think with all of these NEW ways to communicate we’d communicate better, but I find I can’t even complete a sentence without a bright yellow smiley/angry/overit face. To be honest this week I’ve been lazy with follow up questions and listening and I think that’s natural in a LD relationship and what makes it hard to sustain. When fighting with barriers I’ve become a pro at hopscotching issues and maintaining a neutral voice with a frowning face.

I want so much to be clear without risking rejection of the words my heart feels but my lips are too shy to say. I’m slowly learning that the risk of looking vulnerable far outweighed my obsession with keeping my cards close to my chest. So this week we decided to move forward, no explanations on past squabbles just the resolution of again wanting to make this work. He makes me happy I just wished words didn’t get in the way.

Any tips for LD arguments?

Check back on Monday for a post about my thoughts on Sisterwives.