10 Reasons I NEED Sister-wives

1) Someone can help/do the laundry and cooking
2) My Sister-wives can help me zip into dresses I struggle to zip into.
3) If I’m tired, annoyed or True Blood is on I can tag team out of sex
4) The meal possibilities are ENDLESS (4 dinners)
5) We can shop together
6) 4 against one? It’s always a win/win
7) Beautiful voluminous hair, I’ve noticed that most Sisterwives seem to OD on the conditioner. I want fluffy hair.
8) In-house surrogate get to birthing Sis!
9) Alone time, with 4 wives squabbling no one will notice if I run off to enjoy a soy green latte and mag.
10) *drumroll please* I can pitch a show to TLC duh! 😉

Would you want a Sister-wife?
Why and Why not?

Toodles off to SKYPE with Mr. Reliable