So that weekend trip….it’s off! I wish I was upset or terribly hurt but all I feel is meh. I’ve done the back and forth with Mr. Reliable so often that I’m beyond jaded when it comes to advancing our relationship. Maybe I wanted him for the wrong reasons (financial security & living in NYC) but I can’t ignore the fact that he’s disrespectful and he clearly doesn’t like me. I’ve been dating another guy back and forth for 9 yrs. and again the sentiments are there but you can’t bring mushy feelings to the bank.
I think it’s time to re-evaluate my dating history. Something is amiss because I keep dating the same guy but with a different face. I’m going to ride out the rest of 2011 alone and continue to focus on my health and school. One thing I know for sure I don’t plan on dating anyone from the past. It’s wasteful and it’s basically reading the same book with a new cover.

Talk soon