I’m not surprised about the news that Kim and Kris are getting divorced. Every minute of their E wedding special was painful to watch and it was obvious that they weren’t ready for marriage. The bickering and disrespect towards each other went beyond “wedding jitters” Though media talking heads are saying that she did it for the 17 million that she received via endorsements, I choose to believe that Kim really wanted to make it work. It’s hard when everyone around you is getting married and having children especially when you’re told how beautiful you are yet no one is trying to move towards a serious relationship with you. In her defense, I’m not sure what she saw in Kris. He’s young, bitingly sarcastic and overwhelmed by her lifestyle and family. Why he thought that Kim would ever want to live in Minnesota is beyond me.

Moral of the Story: Marriage cannot be rushed. It’s not a feeling but devotion to bettering someone else’s life.