I’m here on Dallas with the dude I’m talking to and I’ve discovered 2 things so far. I really really like the dude I’m talking to and Dallas is pretty amazing:)
I’ve eaten, made out and danced for the last two days and I still have a week to go!
I’m totally doing out-of-the-box stuff like…dancing! I hate dancing with guys because I feel vulnerable and it gets too intimate but I’ve been dancing my ass off!

This might explain why I’ve lost so much weight of late. Hmmm
Anyhoo, I really dig this guy, he still won’t give me eye contact which I think is cute and he’s super protective which I love.
Yah, I’m happy hopefully everything works out šŸ™‚ noooo everything will work out!



Beef Sushi from Kenichi
Salmon Ceviche Bruschetta
Whattaburged (no pics)