Just went on a job interview and it was a huge waste of time. I was pretty disappointed and I tried to cheer myself up by reminding myself that I’m strong, intelligent and that this is a temporary setback. I’ve always imagined myself as a career woman who had a husband with a uber- successful job. Now that I’m alone, I can admit to having mini panic attacks about having to pay my own way. I have so many things to accomplish and purchase and I’m really debating going into fashion full-time instead of working for the man. I believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer but today I totally feel spent. These are the times that a boyfriend would be nice to gripe to, but instead of spiraling into depression I’m going to keep handing out resumes and hope for the best and not go running back to a ex-boyfriend who will pay my way at a heavy cost to my heart

Ahh being a big girl sucks.

ps still haven’t heard from my new love interest… Should I be concerned?