I’ve reconnected with a ex and we’re focusing on our friendship instead of our romantic relationship. It’s crazy that for so many years we’ve exchanged love notes and passionate kisses yet we know nothing about each other. He thought I didn’t want to get married and that I kept breaking up with him because I didn’t love him. I thought that marriage wasn’t an option and that me breaking up with him was doing him a favor because he couldn’t commit.
So friendship it is, and it’s been wildly refreshing and I’m finding out that behind his dashing good looks and big brown eyes he’s just a normal dude with insecurities and fears. I’m excited for our budding friendship and the opportunity to explore each other. I’m also hoping to see him soon which means I’m watching my caloric intake. He’s my friend but I’m no fool;)

I’m currently on a rom-com downward spiral! Ive watched “The Notebook”, “Love Actually” and “Friends with Benefits” any movie suggestions?