This post has nothing to do with being a wife or girlfriend but it’s my life so I’ve got to share it. I’ve had a turbulent relationship with my younger sibling for many years and tonight I finally feel comfortable in saying that I don’t like him. Like at ALL…

It hurts to say that because in an ideal world siblings should get a long and take care of each other, but mine is a horrible person and has become insufferable since he’s recently got married. I’m looking forward to the day that we no longer have to interact and though I will miss saying that I have a “brother” I know deep down that it’s really a lie, I have a instigator and arch-nemesis that shares the same features as me.

We just got in a BLOW OUT fight over me wearing his socks, you would have thought that I had given away his first-born. The screaming and ranting didn’t really upset me, it was more so the lack of respect and the banality of it all. This just proves that I cannot share a life with my brother and be happy and emotionally stable. It’s better for me to back away and pretend  that he doesn’t exist. As a Christian I’ve been taught to forgive and forgive again, but I think there are limits and my goal is happiness and peace and that means that my brother can’t be anywhere near me, my future husband and children, I just wanted to type/say it so that it would be real and not a gnawing feeling in my heart.


Do you get along with your siblings? If not, do you tolerate them or have no contact with them whatsoever?