My bf’s Dad died last week and I’ve been dealing with so many emotions. Firstly, my heart hurts for him and I feel helpless and overwhelmed by the whole situation. He’s doing very well despite all that sadness that’s surrounding him and I’m in awe of his strength and selflessness.
He doesn’t want me to come to the funeral, which hurts but his reasons are valid. I know that grief is a private matter and he has to care for his Mum but I wish he would allow me to comfort him. Ive learnt that sometimes the people you love make decisions that you may not agree with, but out of love you respect them.
Love and death forces one into vulnerability and that has always been our Achilles Heel. I’m happy that we were able to talk about the funeral and his Dad’s death without us falling apart.
I didn’t realize how strong he was until he still wanted to keep our “Sunday Virtual Date”. I didn’t even think that was a option but we watched tv together, laughed and said mushy things and it was confirmation for me that he’s the one.