Horrible weekend, total flop and after shedding a few tears it’s time to get myself up and re-evaluate. Long distance relationships are a lot of work and though I don’t regret the time I spent getting to know the person..I have to do the right thing and end it immediately. Maybe i’ll text him or give him a call but I can’t pretend that he’s treating me in the way that I deserve. 

I will continue on with my fitness goals and building my brand. Maybe it’s time to read a self-help book or speak to someone about my relationship woes. Whatever I choose to do, I know that keeping positive is key. I know over the next few weeks, I’ll have to face where I went wrong and what role I had to play in it. It’s easy to put the blame on the guy, but I’m working on making myself a better person and I know that both parties are often liable to a dissolution of a relationship.

It’s a bit sad because this is my first relationship in about 2 years, but i whole-heatedly believe that this experience is a just a avenue for growth. A few tears will be cleansing and will wash away any doubts I may have about love and relationships

talk soon