Special occasions call for champagne, roses and love from your special someone but what do you do when that doesn’t happen?
I spent the day alone yesterday and thought about past mistakes and missteps. I could beat myself up and plunge myself into hole of sadness and bitterness but funnily I felt good about where I was romantically.

I’m not perfect, I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt but I’m glad that my heart is still intact and I’m open to love. This is the year to do away with pointing fingers and grudge holding. We all make mistakes and that’s alright, it’s just important that we take our experiences and refine them with the maturity of fire. I’m taking this week to fall back in love with myself with daily runs and affirmations. I’m much more positive when my body is working at its peak, so cardio it is until and after I make a breakthrough!

Today’s Affirmation

Your big ass isn’t as big as your big ass heart!

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