I got in a huge IG fight about the meme last night, do you agree with it? I’m a wee tired of over sensitive, temper tantrum having and silent treatment type dudes. If there’s a problem SPEAK ON IT!!!! I know that women are supposedly better communicators but there’s this new niche of over temperamental men out there and it’s a huge turn-off.
If you love someone you should be willing to have uncomfortable conversations with them. They will happen and sometimes frequently in the beginning stages of a relationship. Unfortunately if you aren’t willing to go through the murky waters you may miss out on creating a true friendship and bond with your mate. You deserve someone who wants to be in the fire with you! Too often women sit in silence or feel guilty about voicing their concerns to their love interest in fear of being “bitchy” or “too sensitive”. The only way to really know if he’s the one is to put the good and bad on the table and see how he handles it.

Check back this week for a personal post on physical abuse