It’s not unusual for a couple to engage in sexual relations when they care about each. Sex was created for two people to express themselves and in my opinion it’s a sacred and beautiful thing. It’s also something I avoid like the plague..let me explain.

Sex is more than the act of “cumming” it’s also about sexual intimacy which I believe should be reserved for couples who are in serious relationships or married. Society has begun to glorify the “hook up” culture and its easy to believe that everyone is having sex and no one is catching feelings. Women now don’t get emotional when they share their bodies with someone and men love that they don’t have to follow up with calls or second dates.

I’m not buying it, I still believe that sex is sacred and a few dates doesn’t mean that one should start doing the mattress limbo. It’s challenging but I’ve managed to avoid getting naked by approaching my dates like a bomb expert. Here are a few tips that have worked successfully for me

1) I always wear granny panties, nuff said
2) I don’t go on dates to his house
3) I avoid the first kiss for as long as possible
4) I’m honest about my desires to wait, most think I’m joking but I hold up my side of the bargain.
5) I don’t try to seduce, that’s unfair and childish.

Let me be clear, I don’t think that anyone should be just hooking up, it’s dangerous (health risks) and it comes at a big cost if you’re not emotionally prepared. I wish sometimes we could go back to old school dating when keeping your virginity was something special and men saw the value in committing to one woman.

Are you waiting for that special someone or do you like casual sex?