Social media has completely changed the way that couples interact with each other. I’ve had relationships that have existed solely on Voxer (walkie-talkie app) and men who I’ve never had the pleasure of talking on the phone with. These relationship were still substantial and filled with love, they just didn’t follow the normal communication style of past relationships. With texting, tweeting and inbox messages on the rise, talking on the phone seems archaic and like a prison sentence. I admit, I love the flexibility of being able to wash my dishes, do weighted squats and watch a movie while sending flirty texts to my beau. Talking on the phone requires too much concentration, too much follow up and quite frankly too much honesty. It’s much easier to concoct the perfect answer when you have the luxury of delayed time.

Since I’ve been communicating with my new love interest on the phone for sometimes 3hrs at one time, I’m beginning to see how shallow my conversations have been on my beloved social media apps. I’m now experiencing and reaping the benefits of having conversations that are not only thought provoking but that have helped to create a stronger bond between me and the “new guy.”
I’ll be honest and admit that it’s been a struggle to move away from sending a quick text but I’m trying my hardest to focus solely on him because he deserves my undivided attention. I know it’s easy to find excuses of why the phone isn’t a viable communication tool, I’ve quickly realized that though work is looming and I’m drowning in deadlines if I want to create a future with him I had to stop hiding behind typed words and use my voice.
So here’s your challenge for the week: Instead of texting him your morning salutations or movie times pick up the phone and CALL. He may be shocked but I’m positive that he’ll appreciate the act of you dialling and the anxiety of you waiting for him to pick up.

Happy Calling!!!