Your mate can and will change you. I remember watching “Love Jones” and remarking on how Nia and Larenz’s characters took the best and worst from each other. Larenz opened her up to Jazz and reggae dancing and Nia picked up smoking from him.
It’s very important to take the best out of your mate and veer away from their habits that might be destructive. I sometimes struggle with morphing and adapting into whatever interests my boyfriend has. I’ve dated guys who love Nascar, Comic Books, and Thrifting and I’ve picked up these habits. Some of these habits lasted as long as the relationship and some have become a part of me. I love that I’ve dated men who are cultured and have had experiences that I’ve been able to learn from. That’s why dating is so important, if he wants to take you somewhere new or non-traditional like rock climbing instead of dinner and movie GO! You may be missing out on true love because it’s not packaged the way you expected it to be. Just be wise in letting go when his/her life choices don’t hold up to your moral guidelines.

I would love to know your opinions on the following questions:

1) Would you date a smoker?
2) Would you date a atheist?
3) Would you date someone who was overweight?
4) What’s the BEST date you’ve ever been on?

Happy Dating! Check back & share the page! I also give love advice, nothing is off limits;)