So I finally met up with guy who I’ve been “talking” to for 2 years. We’ve had several interruptions, collisions and abrupt stops but we finally met face-face and it was horrible.
There wasn’t ONE redeeming quality about him that impressed me or made me view him as a potential partner. He was brash, unmannerly, aggressive and he farted in front of me.
HE FARTED IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!! Not a cute fart but a disgusting, rippling, face contorting FART. Now, I’m not a prude nor do I pretend like I was raised in 20th century castle but that was the line drawn in the sand. I’m going to do a relationship review for 2013 and I can equivocally say that it’s been a BAD year, relationship wise. I’m just happy that I’ll be able to move on and leave these losers behind in 2013.
One of my biggest problems with Mr. 2 Years, is that for his age I expected much more class and respect but he was everything but. He didn’t open car doors for me, he ate in front of me without offering me a bite, he didn’t take me out, he preferred to meet after the activities of the day and he’s a horrible kisser. All in all, it was a horror and I’m glad that I didn’t waste another minute on him.

I can’t even pretend I didn’t see the signs, he’s been very lazy in pursuing me and he’s tight-fisted with money. My girlfriends keep telling me that he was nervous, but I’m not buying that excuse. He’s just uncouth and I’m way too lazy to take him up as a project. Compatibility is so important and I know it’s not fair to judge him on one bad date but first impressions are lasting!

Have you gone on a HORRIBLE date lately? I would love to whine and eat ice cream with you! Send me a email detailing your date and I’ll publish the best ones here.

Happy dating and don’t give up, he’s out there!

p.s I went out on a group date with my ex after avoiding him for 4 years.