Happy Happy New Year to ALL of you! I’m a inconsistent blogger but you’ve stuck around and I plan on doing better for 2014. That being said, are you ready for a new year of dating? I’m am, I’ve forgiven the stooges of last year, stopped beating myself up over wasted time and I feel great about my awaiting prospects. If you’re serious about getting married or entering a fruitful relationships keep checking back as this year promises to be raw. I urge you to read at your own risk, you may not like what you read and you may even get your feelings hurt but that’s important for growth!

Like with anything, to date successfully you need a plan. I cringe when people say “there’s a lot of fish in the sea” that might be true but you don’t want everyone in your net! You might be hauling the same fools to shore because you haven’t defined what you want. Knowing what you want takes time but before you start filing out your date card here are my universal rules that can apply to anyone, at any age.

1) Stop having sexual conversations with people you aren’t in a relationship with. There are some people who will skip over pleasantries and get right to the nitty gritty. If you want a serious relationship be weary of people who ask you about your favourite sexual positions or if you deep throat in the first conversation. It’s rude, vulgar and quite frankly none of their business

2) Stop looking for love only in your race/culture. This is pretty cut and dry, we all have preferences but to rule out people because of where they’re from or their skin tone is ridiculous. Your mate doesn’t have to look like you to love you.

3) Stop hanging around couples and married people. I’m not saying to drop-kick your friends but most men won’t approach a group of 3. Learn to go places alone, wether it be Starbucks, a yoga class or a lecture. Don’t allow your friend’s to sabotage your love efforts by always making you the third wheel.

4) Get healthy. Eat properly, sweat, read, draw, take deep breaths. Your partner deserves a healthy you and that means YOU at your optimum peak. If you can’t appreciate the beauty and frailty of life, you might not be able to recognize your special someone when/she pops up!

5) Affirm yourself: You deserve love, kindness and to be appreciated. If you don’t feel like you’re getting these things from the person you’re dating, drop them. No relationship is perfect but you should never be disrespected or hurt by the person you’re dating. I don’t believe that people can say or do whatever they want when their upset and I don’t put up with crap from the men in my life. When you allow bad behaviour from people you set up a precedent that you don’t value yourself and that’s no longer acceptable in 2014.

As always I wish you the best as we ride the relationship roller coaster together! I’m currently working on my 2014 calendar and if you’d like me to speak at your woman’s group, church, or social event flip me an email so we can connect.

Happy dating!

TRW xoxoxo