I’m watching “Blood, Sweat & Heels” and my mouth is agape. Im a bit surprised at how negatively these women view the men in their lives. Like Demetria, I’ve never caught a boyfriend cheating and I’ve never been inclined to snoop into my boo’s pockets or cellphone. Call it total trust or laziness but if I don’t trust the person that I’m dating I’m out! I’ve never been they type to turn a blind eye to red flags. If I’m labelled as opinionated, bitchy or too vocal I’m fine with it, no one mistreats me and gets away with it.
I do have men in my life that I don’t trust or put much value into anything they say. I don’t go on dates with them, kiss them and if we hang out it’s on my terms. I haven’t caught them cheating but their movements are suspect so there’s no need to waste my time with them. The one thing that took away from the debut episode other than the joy of seeing successful black women, what not to serve at brunch and loads of dress envy is that adults have to take responsibility for themselves. I understand naivety but when you have proof that the person you’re dating isn’t dating only you or worse LEAVE. If they loved you they would never put you in a place where your worth is questioned. Trust yourself that someone better will come along and leave all those who don’t appreciate you behind you where they belong.

You can catch the next episode of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” on Sunday at 9 on Bravo TV

Don’t forget your lipstick this weekend;)