I’ve had numerous conversations with men who remind me that a woman over 30 should be thankful for any attention she gets. In a world that is obsessed with youth and beauty, there has been times that I have thought that dating after 30 was pointless. It’s challenging when all of your girlfriends have settled down, are married or have started their families and you’re up late at night asking him what his favorite wing sauce is. It can cause some to become desperate and to wink at behavior that is unbecoming from their partners. As a relationship coach I’ve sat in countless sessions with women who believe that 30 means that they’re less desirable and not a great potential for wifedom.. That’s not true, if anything it makes you a well rounded partner and someone who has much more to give emotionally, financially and otherwise. I have noticed though that if a older a woman cannot get past hurts and disappointments, they can make her bitter which may blind her to someone who has great intentions towards her. That’s the only caveat of dating after 30. sometimes the “must-have” list is so long that you eliminate amazing people who can bring you great joy and love because you’re focused on time running out. That mentality is an affront to believing that you’re worthy of love and robs you of the experience of getting to know someone.. Can you promise to date without reservation this year? To not get caught up on how much he makes, how tall he is or what kind of car he drives. Can you just date him because he makes you laugh or because you love how you feel around him?

I agree that one has to be careful not to waste time in their precious 30’s with men who aren’t serious but this year. try to open your heart a wee wider and allow a guy who doesn’t have all of your requirements a chance at wooing you. You’re only wasting your time if you notice deal-breakers and you choose to ignore them, My wish for you is that you don’t allow age and time to mandate how you date. They aren’t factors, instead they’re fears.

Are you dating over 30? Have your experiences been positive or negative?

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