So if you haven’t heard yet, Cassie the monotone singer and Sean Combs are now engaged. The 44 year old finally popped the question after years of dating. I applaud him for finally wanting to settle down and finally putting a “ring on it” but I can’t seem to stop thinking about Kim Porter.

Kim dated Sean who was known as “Puffy” back then and bore him 3 kids. Their relationship seemed to be one based on respect and though Sean seemed to step out with other women more notably Jennifer Lopez, she stayed.

I don’t want to take away from their engagement because it’s truly a beautiful thing. I just always wonder how the ex who has devoted so many years and sometimes children feels when their ex moves on and marries someone who hasn’t put in as much work.

I’m not sure if Kim saw the writing on the wall or thought their situation would get better but wherever she is, I hope she’s getting the love and support from someone who values her. Often times, men and women wise up after years of manipulating and emotionally abusing their exes. They get a “emotional revelation” and do their very best to correct past wrongs with their new partner leaving their old and often damaged ex in the dust.

If you’ve been the one who has been abandoned or tossed aside by someone you spent years dating, don’t dwell in your hurt. Be thankful for the experience, glean what you can and move forward with assurance that the RIGHT person will reciprocate life changing love with you.

If you’re dating someone who is stringing you along, dump them! It will hurt but you’ll be thankful that you didn’t waste your years with someone who didn’t value you enough to commit to a healthy relationship with you.

Check back this week for a “How to Impress His Parents” post and some of my own personal terror in-law stories;)

Love you ALL and Happy Dating!