Happy VDAY Week! Wether you’re spending it alone or with someone, you need to pamper and spoil yourself this week. I’m focusing on health and beauty while trying to achieve a true balance in my life. I’ve stocked my fridge with healthy foods that promote cardiovascular health and longevity. I’m working out twice a day all week to get a good sweat in and I’m using oils and scented lotions to moisturize and hydrate my body. Why? Because I deserve it, I’m smart, witty and beautiful and though I’m not sharing my life with anyone at the moment. I believe in staying in “readiness mode.”
Are you taking care of yourself? Are you showing your mind and body the love and attention it deserves? If you’re not, join me and let’s turn this week into a celebration of ourselves.
Don’t forget that before you receive love you must love yourself first!

Quick question, are you a lingerie person? I’m not, but I love this teddy and bra set I saw online last week. Would you wear it?