Before you lay it all on the line and bear your soul to someone, ask yourself one question. Is this my ego or my heart? Your heart will give you the courage to let someone know how you really feel who may not reciprocate the same feelings. Your ego will let you confuse love with pride and allow you to pursue someone who you don’t really like to save face.

Wasting your time pursuing someone who you don’t want or who hasn’t treated you well in the past is emotional suicide. The idea of being alone is scary but having to sit across the kitchen table with someone you don’t really like is way worse. Relationships take time and they can make the most independent and self-assured person weak. Move carefully, and check in with yourself to ensure that you’re not being ruled by your ego but only your heart.

Feel free to ask me relationship questions. I’ll post them so we can create a healthy and positive conversation.

Happy weekend and make sure to connect!