If your friends aren’t helping you find your soulmate, you need to re-evaluate your friendship. Relationships are about networking and who better to help you find the love of your life than your friends. Be weary of friends who are in couples who like to have you as the wing-man or comedic relief. These friends don’t want you to be happy or with someone who you takes you away from them.

I’ve had friends who have become territorial or judgemental when I’ve started to date or got a new boyfriend. As flattering as it is to have your friends want all your attention, it’s not healthy and you may wake up alone while they’ve settled down.

If you’re serious about meeting someone, let your friends and relatives know. Don’t keep it yourself, because there’s only do much you can do but you’ll need “pr specialists” to talk up your great qualities and set up dates for you. You never know, your yoga partner or barista may have your “Prince Charming” on their contact list and if it works out how fun will your wedding be!

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