When your relationship is on it’s knees and a break up is inevitable..what do you do? I normally freak out, avoid conversation and slouch into a emotional ball until the awkwardness settles. I’ve walked out on a lot of relationships because I wouldn’t speak up. It’s not that I didn’t have words, I was just too afraid to use them and I would drown in them. I’m learning that when fear starts to creep in or when my pride is stopping me from fighting for my relationship, I’m now learning to turn those emotions to God. I don’t want to lead my relationship because I can’t be trusted. I’m weak and fragile but through Him all things are possible.

I’m in the fight of my life and though I’m weary, embarrassed and doubtful I know that it will be all worth it. Even if my relationship isn’t restored I will be because I fought for what I believed in.