If he loves you, he’ll do his best to prove it. When he’s proven that his love is inconsistent, don’t take it personally. You can’t make anyone love you and if you could why would you want to? Loving someone means sacrificing your time, energy and money. When you can’t trust or share those things with someone don’t waste your time trying to convince them of your worth. Also recognize when someone is stringing you along. Some men will lead a woman on with no intentions of making a commitment but will pop up every few months just to make sure the woman hasn’t moved on.

Stop the cycle and ask him point blank “What do you want?”. If he says something along the lines of “I want to be friends” or “I want to get to know you” reply sweetly “no, I don’t need new friends” and hang up the phone.
My advice may seem cruel but I’ve counselled so many women who are hung up on guys who don’t love them or treat them with no respect.
I’ve had to snip the strings with a guy who I liked but would never step up and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Spend your time with people who want to get to know you not those who have placed you on a waiting list.
If your special guy hasn’t appeared yet, use your free time to pursue a hobby or volunteer. Just don’t get in the debilitating habit of caring about someone who can go a week without speaking to you.

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Happy Dating!