Never get too complacent in your relationship that your partner wakes up and doesn’t recognize you anymore. Keep the lightness, the fun and joy you first shared that hooked them in the first place alive by catering and acknowledging their love languages.

I get asked a lot about tips on keeping your relationship fresh and my go-to advice is never take your partner for granted. The mentality that your lover has to stay or that they owe you is the first step to the end of your relationship. Love is a marathon and taking your time to learn your partner will give you the tools to love them completely. I’ve tripped a few times by wanting to love someone so much that I got burnt out after the first 2 years. I totally ignored my wants and desires and quickly became resentful which resulted in me being a shell of the woman that they first met.
I’m learning to take my time and nurture my relationships. I want to be a better version of the women he first fell in love with and that has to take first priority in any of my relationships from this point forward.

If I cooked in the beginning, I’ll keep cooking
If I worked out in the beginning, I’ll continue to watch my weight
If I made out with him on the couch in the beginning, I’ll stock up on Chapstick and keep on kissing.

Can you pledge to keep doing 3 things that you started doing in the beginning of the relationship with me today?
Let me know what you plan to commit to in the comments!

I’m off to go on a long walk. I’m starting a sugar ban in a effort to tone up and I’m dreading it but I need to shed some winter pounds. I’ll let you know how it goes;)