Have you seen the video showing Solange violently attacking Jay z in the elevator of the Standard Hotel? TMZ released the footage today that took place last week at The Met Ball and it’s a PR nightmare. Solange is kicking, spitting and punching at her brother-in-law while her older sister Beyonce stands by and watches. There’s no audio so we can only speculate on why the argument took place but it made me think of how complicated the relationship between in-laws can be. My brother is married to a really nice girl, who has been a joy to our family but we haven’t been on each other’s bad side yet. If we did disagree or the worst case scenario get into a physical fight where would my brother’s allegiance be? Would he have to defend his wife because they’re now one or would he take my side because I’m his older sister and blood?

Many are calling Beyonce “weak” and a “robot” for allowing her sister to assault her husband but I’m not sure what she could done because she would have drawn ire from both. What would you if your sibling starting hitting your husband/boyfriend? Is violence ever ok? As this story develops, I’ll provide my insight but for now I don’t believe that Solange is in the right for hitting Jay Z. Even if he hit Beyonce or said something disrespectful to her in Solange’s presence-violence is NEVER OK.

Check out the video below of their fight. What do you think they were fighting about?

Watch the video here