I’m enjoying the stillness of this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I went out on my porch, took a few deep breaths and got up on my tippy toes and reached as high as I could.

I made myself a huge 7 Kale salad with pumpkin seeds & craisins and poured myself a huge glass of lemon water with mint.

I may go on a long walk today or watch a few documentaries. I’m not sure, it doesn’t really matter I have no agenda today. I may nap for a few hours or catch Godzilla 3D. I’ve been craving popcorn and nutritional yeast all week and I’m excited to munch mindlessly while watching my favourite sea monster creates bedlam in NYC.

I may return a text to my ex or continue to ignore him so I can heal. I may Skype this guy I met a few months but I’m in my comfy clothes and I don’t want to put on lipstick right now to chat.

Who knows, my plans may change

What are you doing today?