Say what you want about Kim & Kanye but their wedding pics are gorgeous. I find it funny that people call Kim a hoe when she’s been married 3x. Unless the definition of “hoe” has changed, I don’t think Kim qualifies as one. Maybe she hasn’t made the right choices in picking men but to call her out her name in my opinion is a bit hateful.

The bride wore Givenchy and their wedding took place in Florence, Italy. I love the “Dolce Vita” look of her dress and it conjures up b60’s elegance and sophistication.
One of the reasons I love their union is because they were friends first. I’ve always wanted a lover who turns into a friend but maybe it’s time to rethink how I approach relationships. Falling in love with your best friend must be wonderful because their privy to your flaws and warts and yet still choose to give unconditional love.





Congrats to the happy couple and I wish them success and happiness in their marriage!