online dating

If you’re on OkCupid, POF, or EHarmony there are some cardinal rules that you should adhere to when dating online.

1) Take recent pictures: It’s better to honest and upload pictures of what you really look like than deceive someone into thinking your high school pictures are recent. Take a clear head and body shot without filters. If they don’t like what they see, you’re better off knowing that upfront.

2) Be honest in your self-summary: If you want to settle down with three kids and a dog say that. If you’re looking for casual sex, say that. The perk of dating online is that you can be your authentic self without judgment. If someone chooses to initiate a conversation with you, they’ve already read your self-summary and they have a sense of who they’re dealing with.

3) Don’t take it personal: Dating is difficult in person and can be trickier online. Exchanging numbers with someone doesn’t mean that it will materialize into a date. Understand that not everyone who “likes your pics” or “wants to meet” wants to pursue you. So date whoever you want, text whoever you want and try not to get too attached too quickly.

4) Easy on the Sex Talk: You can start your initial conversation by sexually objectifying the person but would you walk up to a stranger and say “I love your full lips, what can they do?” No, you wouldn’t. So try to limit the sexual innuendos until you get to know the person better. First impressions mean everything and many have lost out on a meaningful relationship when something playful came across as creepy.

5) Be Careful: I can’t stress this enough, if you’re meeting someone on a date, make it a public place and tell someone. Always carry mace and if you feel uncomfortable feel free to leave immediately without explanation. Unfortunately some people use the desperation of the lonely to swindle them, so don’t send anyone money or your credit card information.

I know there’s a stigma about dating online, but if you spend 25% of the day online, it seems logical that you’ll meet someone online too. I personally like OKCupid, I find the men to be normal and grounded. Plenty of Fish seems more like a hook up site and the interface isn’t as sophisticated as OKCupid and EHarmony. Do you have a online dating profile? Have you had any success?

Happy dating!