Long story short, a friend of mine made arrangements to meet up with a guy that she had been talking to for a few months online. He was nice, polite, and attractive and she was looking forward to a great date. They planned to see each other over the next four days and he made plans for them to go out dinner, drinks, movies and a show. She arrived in his city and everything went downhill from there. She called, waited, called, and heard a litany of excuses of why he couldn’t meet up. She was obviously crushed and me being her friend was incensed that someone would mistreat my girlfriend like that.

Of late, I notice this trend where men are doing cowardly things while in the “getting to know” you process of dating. Lots of talk but with no action. Expecting much from the women they’re interested in but showing no effort on their part. I know this is a small select group of men but it ruffles my feathers when men lead women on. It’s totally understandable to change your mind when it comes to liking someone, but in changing your mind that doesn’t free one from being upfront about it. Ladies, it’s so important to not put all your eggs in one basket and to pay attention to ACTIONS instead of WORDS. There are men who unfortunately get off on playing mind games with women and the sooner you distance yourself the less hurt and rejection you’ll feel in the long run. 

So shout-out to the amazing men who read this blog and who treat the women in their lives with respect. Cheers to you and thanks for being an example of what it really means to be a man. Ladies, sit tight and look out for a post on how to spot a “A Sammy Smooth Talker.” The positive of this story is that my friend isn’t allowing this situation make her bitter. She’s still open to a relationship and find her “Mr. Right.’ 

Have you ever been in a situation where someone you thought you were dating led you on? Share your experience in the comment section and the best story will be featured in a post! 



Happy Dating!