Are you comfortable being naked? You can interpret that anyway you want, I guess the question I’m asking is are you comfortable in your skin? I was having lunch with a girlfriend yesterday and the topic of weight came up. She mentioned that she’s not ready to be naked in front of her partner. She had put on a few pounds recently and her self-confidence was at a all time low. I asked her how her sex life was and she said that it was non-existent and it was causing a strain on her relationship. After giving her some healthy tips, I told her bluntly “your body has to always be sex ready”. I think she was taken aback, but how many times as women have we avoided sex because we’re uncomfortable with our bodies?

Eating well and exercising isn’t only good for your health but it’s also a great confidence booster. There’s no such thing as a goal or perfect weight just what makes you comfortable. Your partner deserves the best version of you and that starts with you accepting your body and taking care of it.

I’m chugging water and wishing you all a happy dating week!