I think it’s important to take a few months off between relationships to re-group, reflect, and decide what your next move will be. Dragging past hurt into a new relationship is setting the foundation for pain, confusion and a eventual breakup. No relationship is perfect and each person usually plays a part in the demise of their relationship. Your emotional maturity will determine if you make your next partner suffer the consequences that should have been reserved for the person who hurt you or if you use your past relationship as a learning experience.
It’s never too late to create a relationship standard and it will save you years of stress and heartache if you have a template on which you measure your relationships. Obviously you can change your list as your needs and life experiences change but some things on your list should be non-negotiables. Take a peek at my list below

Miss Reluctant’s Relationship Checklist

1) He must be kind, I have no time for jerks
2) He must be respectful
3) He must have a job
4) Lying is unacceptable
5) Cheating is unacceptable
6) Swearing and Abusive language is unacceptable
7) Drug use is unacceptable
8) He must be adventurous
9) If he has children, he must take care of them
10) If he doesn’t want to get married, we can’t date

Would you add anything to the list or take anything away? I’d love to hear your relationship lists. Wishing everyone a happy dating week and a steamy makeup session sometime this weekend;)!!!