When you’re on a journey of self-discovery people will try to thwart your process. People will create issues, discourage you, and try to make you stumble. When I started to clean up past mistakes and missteps, the people in my life didn’t encourage my growth. They reminded me of past failures and told me how hard it would be to start over. I’m glad I ignored the critics and instead started the painful and arduous process of re-creating myself. I won’t lie and say that it’s easy, but I’m so thankful that I found the strength to walk down my path to self-worth. My goal was to clean up the debris before I started a new relationship. I knew that I had to put in the work to get myself “relationship ready”.

Everyone has to determine what “relationship ready” means to them but for me there’s 3 key parts that had to be addressed. I focused on my health, my family, and life goals. Getting physically and emotionally healthy is important. Your self-esteem will play into who you associate with and the way you approach conflict. I started working out regularly, eating less processed food and drinking lots of water. I also stopped talking to hear myself but instead started to listen. I approached conflict with a open heart and stopped being so defensive.
As a child of divorced parents, I had to look objectively at the mistakes my parents made and looked to see if I was repeating them. This was challenging because it brought up old wounds but it eventually helped me heal. It’s so hard to uproot past trauma from your childhood but also very rewarding. I admit I get stumped when dealing with my life goals area of my life and what I want in the future. It’s still a work in progress. I know the kind of person I want to marry but I’m still working on the kind of wife I want to be. I’m sure as I discover what I need to be happy that will change..

It’s hard work, but it’s so important for a strong and healthy you!
What part of your life are you working on?
Sidenote: Still dating the guy I mentioned a few weeks earlier, he’s great and my commitment phobia hasn’t reared it’s ugly head. I’m seeing him soon and I’m not sure how I feel about it LOL

xoxo TRW