couple on vacation

I love to travel, I’ve been fortunate to cross the globe a few times and I relish any opportunity to jump on a plane to visit a new and exciting local. My favorite kinds of vacations are those where I can take guided tours- learning about architecture, food and the history of the country. I typically travel with family or my girlfriends but recently I’ve been asked by fellow I’m dating to take a long weekend trip with him and I’m shitting bricks.

Travelling can bring out the worse in people. You can see the real nature and character of someone when they’re running late for a flight or they’ve misplaced their passport. I have some reservations about travelling with him, but I’ve decided to create a easy guideline for myself to ensure a happy and momentous trip.

Ms. Reluctant’s Fool Proof Guide to Having a Awesome Vacation with Your New Boyfriend Without Having a Anxiety Attack and Locking Yourself in the Bathroom for The Duration of Your Trip.

1) Budget: I hate discussing money with the people I date. I prefer to take care of my own expenses and I can admit to being quickly turned off when I realize that the person I like is cheap. That being said, if we’re travelling together, budget must be discussed. Are we each paying for our own way? Are we splitting the cheque when it comes to activities/meals? Who pays for the airport snacks? These are very important questions and the sooner they’re answered the better!

2) Where do I sleep?: Call me a prude, but I’m not sharing a room with my boyfriend. I think that some things are sacred and I’d prefer sharing that “first” in marriage. Plus, I want to pee, poop, brush my teeth, stretch, hog the covers, and a plethora of crazy things I do by myself without the judgment of my boyfriend.

3) What’s the schedule: I’m a easy going traveler. I’m great with walking for hours, lying around or enjoying my surroundings by people watching. I plan to make some suggestions of some things I want to do, but I don’t want to become itinerary obsessed. We’re here to enjoy each other outside of our normal routine and that means being open-minded and flexible.

I’m still a bit anxious, but I’m going with no expectations or negative energy. I’m not expecting a proposal, so if he bends down on one knee, I know it’s only to pick up a seashell or tie his shoes. To be totally honest, travelling together is way ahead of what’s normal for me on my relationship schedule, but I did promise to do away with some of my rules this relationship. I’m trying not to self-sabotage myself or pick a fight with him to get out of this trip. Trust me I’ve tried 

Do you have any travel tips you can share with me? I’d love to read them and add them to my list. My main concern now is finding non-wrinkly outfits to bring with me and doing some research on awesome restaurants to go to.

Talk soon and happy dating!