Valentines Day is fast approaching and it seems like candy-shaped hearts and teddy bears are stalking me. I’m not huge on romantic gestures, or at least that’s what I tell myself so I’m not that hurt when the day finally comes. This year, I’ll be without a Valentine but I do have people who I care for and who love me right back despite my short comings.
I was thinking today that though I’ve made some missteps in love that those missteps have been done in love. My naivety and eagerness to please shouldn’t be squashed because it wasn’t reciprocated but celebrated because I gave my all in love.

I have lots of girlfriends who have been so badly hurt in their relationships that they refuse to open up when love is staring them back in their face. I try to fight against wanting to lock up my heart because I truly believe that the union of two people who love each other is amazing and thrilling and something that we all deserve. Unfortunately that means that we may have to go on some bad dates or endure some crushing break-ups.
So this V-Day, I’m going out with some of my friends for dinner and we’ll talk about our exes, our newly engaged friends and the last date we’ve been on. I’m sure one of my girlfriends will give a dissertation on “why she won’t allow a man to play her” and I will interject that if he played you for giving him your heart, he’s really played himself.

What are you doing for Valentines Day?