Unless you’re living under rock, you’ve heard about the Twitter feud between Amber-Rose and Khloe Kardashian. The backstory is that Amber went on Hot 97 to give an interview and made mention that she thinks it’s disgusting that Tyga left his wife and child to date 17 year-old Kylie Jenner. Khloe clapped back with this:


DRAMA! Of course I understand Khloe defending her sister and the animosity towards Amber since she’s Kanye ex. But…Amber makes a valid point. Tyga is 25 years old and the age of consent in California is 18. their relationship is illegal and its a bit disturbing that Kris hasn’t put a stop to it. Do you think Kylie’s wealth and influence has something to do with the “wink” she and her boyfriend are getting in regards to their relationship? Do you think Tyga should break up with Kylie? Have you ever dated anyone much older or younger than you? I’ve dated someone 23 years old (heehee)