Did I mention that the guy that I’ve been chatting with for the last two weeks up and disappeared on Valentine’s Day? To say I was a wee crushed is an understatement. I decided to instead celebrate with my bestie. We bought cake and watched a few of our favourite movies. It was perfect.

I almost dropped my phone when he randomly texted me today and is acting like the national holiday for love just didn’t pass. I didn’t mention his absence or how hurt I was. I was my normal witty and cute self but SHEESH! I know it’s been two weeks and I wasn’t expecting candy or flowers but you can at least acknowledge the day. I don’t understand what it is about special occasions that make level-headed men turn into zombies. Acknowledging a special day doesn’t mean that you’re going to propose to the person. Hell, I said “Happy VDAY” to the cashier at Walgreens. Men are so weird, I’m definitely noting this and keeping my eyes open.
Speaking of Walgreens, have you checked out their clearance candy yet?

Do you think I did the right thing by NOT bringing up his disappearance on VDAY?
How was your VDAY? Did you do anything epic?

xoxo TRW