I love love love this video from Evette James, not only is she hilarious but she’s right on the nose about men who love to use the term “we’re just cool.’ I think being cool is fine but there comes a point in a relationship that cool should turn into commitment. This dude is oblivious to all the things that his girlfriend does for him and with him and if he’s uncomfortable letting people know that he’s in a committed relationship, he needs to go. I’ve never been the type to wash clothes, cook, or spend time with my boyfriends family before commitment. Not that I don’t want to do those kind of things for the person I like, but I’ve been taken advantage of before and I’m careful not to do girlfriend things in the dating stage. The “hook up culture” has completely annihilated the dating stage and it’s my mission to re-introduce it to people that I give love advice to. I love the dating stage, getting to know someone is wonderful and the more time we invest in that stage the better the foundation to build on.

Check out the video and you can find more of her work here

xoxo TRW