Can i share some relationship advice that my brother gave me a few years ago? Ok, when you’re dating or getting to know someone who lives several hours away from you, see them as soon as possible. I know it seems wise to wait a few months to be safe just in case the person is pyscho, but in this day in age with FaceTime and Skype, if it’s been several months and you still haven’t seen the person that you claim to like it’s a clear indication that you really don’t like the person as much as you think you do. Before you say “it’s expensive to travel” if you can’t afford a plane ticket then you should focus on getting a part-time job and not a full-time boyfriend.

If you’re avoiding vulnerability, have lots of options, want to shed a few pounds or feel shy just STOP> The person you’re trying to get to know you at your worst or least secure and if you don;t trust them with that responsibility end the relationship immediately.
I’m a long-distance relationship expert, i won’t be challenged on this.