Long story short, I moved out of my apartment and stayed by a friends house on Friday night. That was mistake number one. I didn’t know him that well but he seemed nice and I enjoyed his company. We kept our conversations light and he was willing to help me find a new place to live. I was incredibly thankful, as I don’t know much people in Maryland. Just as I was settling in for a much needed nights rest, he asked me if he could tell me something. He proceeded to tell me that he wants to start a relationship and that he thinks that we’re very compatible. I have absolutely NO IDEA where that came from, because we haven’t spent any time together. I told him the truth, that I’m not interested in a relationship and quite frankly, I’m in the midst of a personal crisis. I can’t manage anyone’s feelings right now. I don’t even have pillows. It turned a evening between friends into a awkward situation and instead of a peaceful night’s rest, I tossed and turned. 
After meeting with some friends for breakfast the next morning, I went to his place to get my stuff. I could tell he was upset or maybe hurt but he told me I could stay for one more night, so I thought he’d be happy to see me go. I got my stuff and promised to call him later that day. Well, he beat me to the punch. He cursed me the hell out! He told me that my friends rescued me from the hood and we were judging him and I was being disrespectful. I was caught of guard because this was someone who prayed for me and spoke to my Mom to ensure her that he’s a “good guy.” If the motive was to get me into a place, he should have been happy for me. It’s obvious that he had ulterior motives. I’m not even upset that he expressed his feelings towards me, I’m more concerned that he flew off the handle when it wasn’t reciprocated. 

I don’t owe anyone my affection. I’m not here to satisfy anyone’s needs or desires. Yes, I must be careful with people’s feelings and treat them well, but ultimately I choose who I share my love with. You can’t bully anyone into dating you. You can’t force people to share their lives with you. Emotionally maturity will allow you to see that someone not wanting to date you, doesn’t take away from your value. It’s actually a blessing when someone is honest about their intentions towards you. As you date and look for love, I advise you to be honest about your “life situation” and look over the inventory of your love supply. Can you adequately supply someone with the love they deserve? if you can’t, be honest and pause. 

My love tank is empty, but are you ready for love?