I’ve been reading a lot of vitriol about Halle Berry and her filling for divorce for the third time. I was a bit shocked when I read the news last week but the commentary about her relationships are deeply disturbing. I don’t know Halle Berry and I’m sure I could pick apart her relationships and deduce as to why she keeps dating the men that she does. We could look at her childhood and blame the abuse of her mother at the hands of her father for the reason she keeps dating and marrying men with volatile tempers. Yes, Halle would be a great and juicy case study. That’s not the problem with her latest saga, I’m more annoyed that the media and haters are condemning her for being divorced 3 times. As someone who has avoided marriage and committed relationships for years, I think Halle is brave for having put her heart out there 3 times., when most of us are afraid to even meet someone for a cup of coffee. Love is difficult even when you have the best intentions. I’ve learned the hard the way to keep quiet when friends are in the midst of divorce, because there’s rarely an innocent party. Though we don’t know the details, Halle has been slut-shamed, her exes have bashed her on twitter, people are telling her to give up on marriage and saying she’s crazy. If she’s crazy for leaving a relationship that doesn’t work for her, let her be crazy. If after her divorce she wants to start dating again, I applaud her. She deserves companionship and though her road to it may be littered by poor choices in partners, I believe she’ll eventually find the man who will love her completely. Maybe you’ve been disappointed by love or you had a bad breakup that has made you shy away from relationships, I encourage you try one more time. Don’t allow one misstep to color the way you see relationships.

Happy Thoughts and Love


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