I’m proud of Ciara for taking another try at love after her devastating breakup with Future. Love is painful for normal folk but at least we have the luxury of grieving our relationships in the privacy of our homes. Her breakup with Future was all over the blogs and their public tiffs over their son were cringeworthy.

 Publicly, Ciara always remained calm but I’m sure her feelings were hurt to see her ex-fiancée trash her and dismiss their love. Thankfully she met Russell Wilson, who swept her off her feet, challenged her to  abstain from sex, took a interest in her son, and now they’re engaged. I’m happy for Ciara, our society loves to disrespect and discount single mothers.  We tell them that they’re useless or less deserving of love because of they’re mothers. It’s respectability politics at its worst and I’m shocked at the vitriol being thrown at Ciara during the happiest moment of her life. She’s been accused of being unworthy of Russell’s affection because she’s a “bad girl turned good girl” almost as if she should suffer the consequences of her bad relationship forever. I’ve read dissertations from salty losers who think that Russell is downgrading because she’s not “pure enough”. To all the haters, I say SHUT ALL THE WAY UP!!! 

How dare you spit on their love and their joy. Instead of worrying about what they’re doing, focus on your non-existent love life. Single mothers deserve love and Ciara is a great example of what happens when you drop loser boyfriends and low dating standards. I don’t know Future but he clearly wasn’t the right one for Ciara. He proves that everyday and I’m glad that she dared to want better for herself and her child. I’ve been there before, dated a guy who was all wrong for me. I couldn’t love him enough to respect me and it started to wear on my soul. I was always unhappy and insecure in our relationship. it was only until I decided that being alone was a better option than being with someone who didn’t love me, that I finally got the courage to leave. 

So kudos to Ciara and all of you who still believe in beautiful al-encompassing love. It will happen for you. 

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