I was reminded today that some men want you for your body but have no intentions on supporting your emotional well-being. I’ve always known that in theory, but the glaring realty of it slapped me upside my head this morning. I wasn’t hurt but more insistent that I share my time with people who actually love me. I have no time for fair-weather lovers who only love my shape, my lips, my laugh but can’t  find it in themselves to hug me when I’m stressed, offer a helping hand when I’m drowning or even simply pray for me when I’m at a crossroad. This is why I tell my girlfriends that building your worth on the foundation of a man’s affection is dangerous. That foundation might cave in and you’ll find yourself submerged with his well wishes and kind sentiments.

I’m thankful that my request was deemed as a nuisance to him and I’m also glad that I made the decision to leave. I wasn’t sure at first because like a shoe, he fit ok, but after a few miles, like a shoe, he started to pinch. He was great when nothing was asked of him and no sacrifices had to be made, but in the end like a shoe, he was just nice to look at but deteriorated when real motion took place.

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